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Privacy policy

Privacy Policy Nextbike Polska S.A.
1. Nextbike Polska S.A. With its seat in Warsaw (01-756), address: ul. Przasnyska 6b, KRS no. 0000646950 District Court, XII Economic Department National Court Register Warsaw respects the rights of Users to privacy and cares about the protection of personal data of all users registered in the system. For this purpose, for collating personal data, storing and any other processing of data, appropriate technical and IT tools are used as well as specialist organizational procedures including encrypted connections. The principles presented below describe which personal data are gathered and how they are used.
2. Nextbike Polska S.A. , striving to protect personal data of Users, respects the provisions on personal data protection.
3. Set of personal data has been submitted for registration to the General Inspector of Personal Data and registered under the book number 098589 and 122960.
4. Nextbike Polska S.A. collates and processes personal data on the basis of consent granted by the system user during registration in the service as well as on the basis of the statutory authorization for the processing of personal data, necessary for realization of the agreement when a person whose data are concerned is Party to it, or in the event when it is necessary for the conduct of actions prior to conclusion of the agreement, at the request of the person whom these data concern.
5. In the course of using internet website www.nextbike.pl and https://www.veturilo.waw.pl/ and its subpages users may be asked to enter their personal data through filling out the registration form, contact form, submission, submission of request for information or in a different manner. Submission of personal data is voluntary and constitutes a consent for processing of personal data of a user in accordance with the requirements and within the meaning assigned by the act from 29 August 1997 on personal data protection (that is Journal Of Laws from 2016, item 922 as amended). Each user is authorized, based on the principles specified in the above noted act to control the processing of his or her data, included in the above noted set of data, including the right to view their data, their correction and request for completion. Lack of indicated personal data by a user prevents the creation of services of Nextbike Polska S.A.
6. Our data bases, applications, information systems and data which we collate and process are secured against third persons in a professional manner, fulfilling all highest standards of safety both in technical (IT) , cryptographic and legal terms. They are adjusted to the changing reality and threats.
7. Session which User’s browser establishes with Nextbike servers, from the moment of logging in to the moment of logging out of the server, is protected with the use of TLS protocol. This means, that all data, including personal data are sent with the use of cryptographic protections (encryption).
8. Out of care for safety of conducted by Users financial transactions we cooperate with the best payment operators on the Internet-WorldPlay regarding data from credit cards and T-pay and Elavon regarding forms of payment via bank transfer and payment cards. Indicating by Users
the data, such as credit card numbers, bank account numbers or information regarding their owners are secured with the use of latest computerized systems and cryptographic systems, considered by specialists as totally safe. Transferred information are used solely and exclusively for the purpose of realization of transactions via card or transfer.
9. Indicating the user’s data (name, surname, telephone number, email address, postal address, city, postal code and country) are processed by us solely for the purpose of concluding and executing the service (agreement) and issuing a bill (invoice), granting answers to the asked questions, considering a complaint as well as, subject to your consent, granting information about the offered products and services, surveys about client satisfaction and market research (i.e. regarding bike rentals, service, functioning of the system and their changes), sending of newsletters, statistical analysis-such data will serve us for the statistical analysis of consumer behaviours on our website and improving our offer. User may at any time update the data and unsubscribe from obtaining marketing/trade information communication.
10. Nextbike Polska does not grant access to personal and address data of service users to any third parties (including email addresses), apart from data necessary to conclude and execute the agreement and service provision.
11. Making users’ personal data available is possible solely according to the principles and in cases afforded by the mandatory provisions of law. In case of breach of the law or subject to this being required by legal provisions we may make the obtained data available to the authorized authorities or persons, including judicial authorities.
12. In order to fulfil the concluded agreements and ensure highest quality services for the users (i.e. appropriate availability and maintenance of bikes) it is possible to pass the personal data to our trade partners, providing support services towards Nextbike Polska S.A. We cooperate only with trade partners who ensure compliance with the provisions of law in force concerning personal data protection. We pass on only the data which are necessary, exclusively for purposes as specified in the agreement.
13. A user who has registered in our system may obtain from Nextbike Polska S.A. information, messages or emails concerning the details of execution of the service and the offer. User may also contact us via telephone at the telephone number of Customer Service Office/Contact Centre.
14. Each user who expressed the will to receive our Newsletter will receive it via emails.
15. Each user of our service is entitled to correct and update his or her personal data which he submits to us via internet website. Changes may be made by means of internet website of user system.
16. Our internet website may use the so called cookies files, that is small text information stored on the browser on the hard drive of the computer in order to accelerate the cooperation between user computer and our servers. Thanks to the use of cookies the user does not have to enter information each time when he or she returns to our website. Switching off in the internet browser of the option allowing to save cookies files may cause difficulties or even prevent the use of the service.
17. Internet websites managed by Nextbike Polska S.A. may contain links to external internet websites. In such cases Nextbike Polska S.A. is to not liable for practices applied therein in the area of confidentiality or for the content of such websites.
18. Websites use tracking codes (Google Analytics) for creation of statistics which allow to understand in what way the users of service use internet websites, which enables improving their structures and content;
19. Websites avail of Google Analytics function (cookies files) which are designated to create remarketing lists in Google Analytics.
Remarketing lists are not related to any data preventing identification of persons or confidential information.
20. There is a possibility of preventing the use of one’s data in Google Analytics, through installing an add-on to the browser which blocks the JavaScript Google Analytics code.
21. Data on IP address, saved in system logos, do not allow for identification of a single user. Such information are used exclusively for technical purposes or for statistical ones and they are not associated with individual persons.
22. We reserve the right to amend the hereby privacy policy of Nextbike Polska S.A. Any changes will be immediately published on our website.
23. In order to avail of the services provided by means of the internet website of the service correctly configured internet browser is necessary, Microsoft Internet Explorer in version not lower than 6.0 or Firefox in the version not lower than 2.0
24. We care about the privacy of our clients, therefore, each user of our website is obliged to abide by the prohibition of abuse of electronic communication means and provide through or to the computerized systems the following information: 1. of illegal character, 2. those which cause interruption of work or overloading of computerized systems of Nextbike Polska S.A. or other entities with direct or indirect participation in the provision of services, 3. which breach the rights of any third parties, generally accepted social norms or those which are non-compliant with the generally binding provisions of law.
25. In case of identifying any inconsistencies or threats caused by persons not respecting the provisions of law and regulations in force within our service our Safety Department cooperates with the police, the prosecution, courts in order to assist in locating persons committing criminal acts.
26. We ask also to pass on to us any comments regarding our internet website or privacy policy to the email address: biuro@nextbike.pl. This will let us improve it.

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